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I've had the privilege to work in a field where abstract thinking has concrete value. That applies at the macro level --- optimizing actions on terabyte database --- or the micro level --- fast parallel string searches in memory. You can find my documents on production-system radix sort (NOT just for academics!) and some neat little tricks for developers, on my blog My e-mail sig (since 1976): Engineers think equations approximate reality. Physicists think reality approximates the equations. Mathematicians never make the connection.

A tiny asynchronous DNS client posted to github

There’s a world out there beyond the “bind” daemon … and this DNS client library can access it and show you how it works. This is my reference model for writing a tiny independent library plugin to another event-loop mainline, … Continue reading

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HXFILE source posted to github

In case you’ve read my paper on highly-concurrent linear hash files, and want to see/use the source, I’ve posted it to It’s been a lot of fun, and I’ve used it in an OLAP product and some performant key-value … Continue reading

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Aho-Corasick code posted to github

You may be interested in the source code for my best-of-both-worlds Aho-Corasick implementation. It runs on a state-transition matrix (the fastest implementation) in an interleaved array (the smallest-data implementation). Typically 2.5 bytes of state machine for each byte of pattern … Continue reading

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SSE2 bit matrix transpose special case … 8 x 256 … for Marek

It turns out that Marek’s Idea of the Day: Bitsliced SipHash used my SSE2 bit-matrix transpose routine, but it wasn’t fast enough. This is normally the case for SSE2: the more specific the problem, the better the code can be. I … Continue reading

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Non-recursive Make part 3 – a tool for the fearless

In part 1, I mentioned that it is typically painful to attack a large project that uses recursive make. Nonetheless, if you’re willing to make the effort, here’s a tool to help you pick apart what’s really going on in … Continue reading

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The “C” preprocessor: not as cryptic as you’d think

The C preprocessor is a modest macro-expansion language (check out “m4” if you want to see an immodest one).  Basic symbols and function-macros are convenient for giving meaningful names to constants and tiny function calls, with the rewarding feeling that … Continue reading

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Non-recursive make (gmake) part 2:

I love the power of GMAKE’s implicit rules and actions. The fewer magical relationships, the better. Ask me how I feel about dev/runtime frameworks that tie your elbows together as you try to write/extend code. I’m going to assume you … Continue reading

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