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What is SSE !@#$% good for?

I’ve been struggling for the last few weeks with a post on SSE and what it might be good for, other than simple operations on arrays of four floats or two doubles (I don’t do much of that). There are … Continue reading

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Solving a little problem discretely

CS 101 problem: calculate the number of days between two dates, accounting for leap years, etc. You’ve probably done or seen the answer, and it involves a look-up table for numbers of days per month, and probably a loop. Not … Continue reading

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Building a better strstr

NOTE: check my later posts for how to make strstr an order-of-magnitude faster, using SSE2 instructions. It would be hard to find a “C” programmer who doesn’t know strchr(string,char): find the first occurrence of (char) in a null-terminated string. Slightly … Continue reading

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